[App] AllWinner Mod – Change type,build and keyboard mappings

AllWinner Mod : Change type, build and keyboard mappings of your Allwinner A10 based tablet!

Change some build.prop aspects and keymappings for your Allwinner A10 based tablet.

– Change operation mode between Tablet (120 dpi) and Phone (160 or 240 dpi) mode
– Change build description between Allwinner, SGS, SGS II and XOOM for games and applications that think your tablet is not compatible with them
– Change what the physical buttons do, for example you can change the BACK button to VOLUME DOWN, start APP SWITCHER or to start the CAMERA application

Use this app to change your Device ID to samsung Galaxy SII. It will maximize the app compatibility. “This app is not compatible with your device” errors will be solved.

Download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hu.sztupy.android.allwinnermod&hl=en

  • Is it necessary to restart the device each time we change the Device ID ?

    • NiharG


  • Is it necessary to restart the device each time we change the Device ID ?

  • Ankush Saxena

    can i roll back to default mx funtab device id buit after choosing s2 device id

    • shashwat

      Well their is no point in rolling back to original device id, well, s2 will give u access to more android apps and except the device id nothing will change.

      But still if u wanted to roll back sometime in future then go to system and copy build.prop to some other place as a backup.

  • Suman Mukherjee

    Could someone please provide me links for hi end android games for the funbook like shadowgun, asphalt 6, moder combat, nova etc….. i need the files as well as the apk. i have googled a million times but nothing specific to the funbook processor architecture has come up. help will be a lot appreciated. thanks in advance! 😀

    • Ankush

      Join facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/FunbookQuerry/ you wil get each and every thing about fb

      • Suman Mukherjee

        @Ankush, I have requested for joining the group and i have even notified the admin but no one is responding to the request!!!!! I hope its active enough 🙂

  • Ari

    All winner is not working on Hcl tablet U1.

    How to make it work?