Deleting Bloatwares from Funbook without Flashing 

 May 6, 2012

By  NiharG

Deleting Bloatwares from Funbook

Some may find the procedure of flashing a ROM into their new Funbooks risky. Thats why this is another procedure for removing the Bloatware provided by Micromax which is useless for most users.

The procedure is fairly simple. Just Download Root Uninstaller Pro 2.7.

This app allows you to remove or freeze many system applications which include the bloatware in Micromax Funbook.

Note: The images above are not from Funbook.

It is wise to take a backup of the app you are uninstalling for safety.


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  • Better way is to use any root explorer.

    Then go to system-.app

    You will see many apks. Rename the ones you don’t want.

    For example, reaname ‘mstore.apk’ to ‘mstore.apk.old’

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