[Tutorial] Installing ClockWork Mod Recovery on Micromax Funbook 

 May 26, 2012

By  NiharG

ClockWork Mod Recovery on Micromax Funbook

Hey Guys,

This tutorial will guide you to install ClockWork Mod Recovery on Micromax Funbook.

Funbook has a default recovery but its totally useless because no keys work in it. So you cant navigate and select any options. So, its better to install CWM and use it to backup/restore system, Install Custom ROMs, Install Flashable Zips, and many other useful things.

This tutorial Goes in Two Parts. The First is installing the ADB Drivers needed to install Scripts. The second is installing the Actual CWM.

If You have already installed the ADB Drivers then you can skip Part 1, and directly go to Part 2.

Part 1: Installing ADB Drivers

Step 1: Download the Required Drivers: 32-Bit or 64-Bit (Download Drivers According to your System Architecture). Extract it to a convenient location.

Step 2: On the Tablet, Go to Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging and tick the Checkbox. (Tap OK on the warning that comes).

Step 3: Connect Tab to Computer Via USB Cable.

Step 4: Go to Device Manager (Right Click My Computer>Manage>Device Manager) . And Look for a Device with a Yellow Exclamation mark in front of it. Its name will contain ‘Android’.

Step 5: Right Click the Device with yellow exclamation mark located in the previous step and select Properties>Update Drivers>Browse (The Second Option) and select the folder extracted from the Files Downloaded in Step 1. It’ll Automatically install the ADB Drivers From The Folder.

Part 1 is now complete. If you have successfully installed the drivers, Continue to Part 2.

Part 2: Installing CWM 5 Via Script

Step 1: Download CWM Recovery  5 for ICS.

Step 2: Extract it. And you will get a Folder named ‘CWM Recovery 5 ICS’.

Step 3: On the Tab, Go to Settings>Display>Sleep and set the Timeout to 10 Minutes. Connect the tablet to PC via USB cable. (Make Sure USB Debugging is enabled).

Step 4: Go to The Folder ‘CWM Recovery 5 ICS’ and Click on ‘recovery-install.bat’. The installation Process will start. Follow the on-screen instructions you see after clicking on ‘recovery-install.bat’. After the process completes, Tab will reboot to recovery. If it doesn’t, Switch of the Tab. Press and Hold the Options hard Button and Press the Power Button. (Press Two Buttons Simultaneously). Then it’ll boot into Recovery.

[Tutorial] Installing ClockWork Mod Recovery on Micromax Funbook

Controls in CWM Recovery:

CWM Recovery is not touch Enabled. So you have to use Hard Buttons to navigate.

Here is The Control Scheme:

Vol+ : Up

Vol-  : Down

Power: Select

Back: Back

Backup/Restore Instructions:

In  Recovery, Go to>Backup and Restore> Backup (Back up to MicroSD Card) or Backup and Restore>Backup to Internal SD (Backup to internal Memory).

This will do a Full “Nandroid’ backup of your system which you can restore if anything goes wrong.

If you have any difficulties or suggestions, Do let us Know in the Comments Below.

Thank you for Reading. :)

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  1. my tab is rebooting repeatedly . .should it be fixed with change of stock rom . .!!

    pls guide friends . .i feel really helpless . .i got micromax funbook p350..!!

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