[Custom ROM] JetMOD 5.0.1 |Beats Audio| xLoud | Smooth Scroll | Adrenaline


Varun Chitre Has created the First Ever Custom ROM Dedicated to Micromax Funbook. Lets see the features of it:

Feature List: 

1. Init.d support
2. Added Bash- A better alternative for ‘sh’ for execution of scripts
3. Added Nano
4. Zipaligned all APK’s for better RAM utilization
5. Enabled Hardware acceleration for accelerated performance
6. Enabled Purgeable assets for AUTO-FREE of RAM memory
7. UI rendered with GPU for better Gaming
8. Forced Launcher into RAM for smoother Home operations
9. New DNS values for better Internet page loading
10. New TCP buffer values for better downloading/uploading and Internet performance11. Increased overall touch responsiveness
12. Disabled Verify-Bytecode for faster application loading and more free RAM
13. New RAM Min-free for auto-killing apps incase RAM memory gets full-Now no more need of task killer
14. Enabled power collapse and forced sleep for better battery backup
15. Kernel_check ini set to zero to avoid app crash and force closes
16. Moved dalvik cache to /cache partition for massive boost in performance
17. SD card cache value set to 2048 for faster loading of apps on sd card
18. Optimized SQlite operations for improved Input/Output
19. New values for Dirty ratios, OOM ADJ for increased performance
20. Zipalign on boot for auto-zipalignment of newly installed apps
21. On-boot Battery calibration- Now phone will show accurate battery
22. New Swappiness values for more swappy funbook 
23. Most Important- Pre-rooted
24. Based on Ployer Momo9 stock ROM
25. Added Beats audio
26 Added xLoud
27. Integrated Super smooth scroll mod
28. Integrated Volume steps mod
29. Integraed ICS hide bar mod

Whats Added/Removed:

1. Removed lots of Micromax crapware and bloatwares
2. Removed stock launcher, replaced with Apex launcher and Sony Xperia S launcher
3. Added new file manager
4. Added hosts file – Now no more ads in any of your app 
5. Added new Marvel bootanimation

How to Flash this ROM?

This ROM is flashable via recovery

Note: First make a backup before flashing this ROM, just incase 
1. Reboot to recovery
2. Wipe data/ Factory reset
3. Wipe dalvik cache in advanced menu
4. Install zip from sd card and locate this zip and flash!!
5. Reboot system
6. Done!! you are travelling in JetMOD™ 5.0

 By default the ROM is in full screen mode due to ICS hidebar

So to view the navigation bar, change the property in Display–>Fullscreen–>Smart Screen Mode

Download JetMOD 5.0.1 Here!


Mirror Links:

Do let us know about what you feel about this ROM in the Comments section below!

Original XDA Thread Here! 

All Credits to Varun Chitre For Making this Fabulous ROM.

  • Samir

    Downloading now will update after installing it if everything is fine

    • NiharG

      Sure.. I’m using it currently. You’ll surely like it.

  • Siddharth

    Will my Unlocked Huaewei E1732 modem will work in it?

    Please reply??

  • Sathish

    Can you just temme a simple way to install this through screen shots .

  • Samir

    Does not work with Iview after installing the tab does not boot

    • NiharG

      Install Clean ICS First.. Then install This..

  • Christy

    hey ples help after installin d mod
    its not bootin up again it jus shows the funbook icon nd stays lyk tat for 1nd a half hours…then i had to restore it please help

    • NiharG

      First Flash with the Clean ICS ROM Given on this site itself. Then Flash with this.

  • Sanjay

    Do we need to flash it on cleasn ics rom or MMX rom??

    • NiharG

      Yes.. Flash with clean ICS First…

  • Rajeev

    facing few issues. Shadowgun is crashing on this ROM. Also accelerometeris not working with Asphalt-5. And one major issue with skype (not sure with this ROM or with skype). Not able to here incoming voice on funbook speaker. Only possible with earphone but again need to adjust earphone jack much to hear incoming voice. I’m using Skype for ICS.

    Any help.

    • shashwat

      Restart ur tab, shadowgun might be crashing due to low ram, accelerometer problem might be in rom, and see the frequently asked questions tread, it contains a skype version that works for funbook.

  • Nishesh

    Hi Nihar/Sashwat,

    I have installed Jetmod successfully on my funbook.
    But, now total RAM shown by the system is only 306 MB, whereas funbook comes with 512 MB of RAM.
    Please help me on this issue.

    • NiharG

      The Rest of the RAM is system reserved which includes 128 MB RAM used as Video Memory. So it is completely fine and not an issue.

  • Aman Bisht

    Guys for micromax funbook games please visit “fbzgame.blogspot.in”

    • Huzefa

      The download link not wroking, please repost the link,

      • NiharG

        Okay..Will Fix ASAP. Thanks for reporting 🙂

  • Huzefa

    The download link not working, please repost the link,

  • Huzefa

    Thanks, i am downloading it

  • I installed it from the Pradeep links, but i can’t find the Beats Audio on the apps =( i wanted to try it

    • NiharG

      You cant see it. It just improves the sound quality.

  • vijin.s

    i liked d jetmod but wifi is not turning on…..

    • die2mrw007

      See to it that you are not activated the Airplane mode. In Airplane mode, Wifi will not work.

      • vijin.s

        no i trid it in normal mod.unable to switch on d wifi….

  • vijin.s

    wat is d diffrnce btwn clean ics rom and custom rom

    • die2mrw007

      Clean ICS ROM is the Original ICS ROM without any customization or additional files. Whereas Custom ROM will have additional mods, software, tweaks and other changes.

  • Sarma

    my funbook volume is low. Guide me to enhance its volume.

    • NiharG

      Low through speaker or low through earphones ? Tried increasing Volume to full and still feeling low ?

  • jayesh

    it is neccessery to install clean ics first ?

    • NiharG

      Yes it is.

      • jayesh

        Can i revert back to stock rom after flashing this rom and how to flash stock rom ?

        • NiharG

          No Official Stock ROM is available. Because Micromax Havent released it. But you can flash a CWM Backup of the Stock ROM.
          Refer to “Installing CWM Tut” and “Restoring Tablet To Stock ROM” articles on this site 🙂

          • Shashank Jaiswal

            Hey, can it be installed over the Momo9 stock or only on Clean ICS. I read on XDA that it will only be installed over Momo9 Stock. Will it give any problem if I install it on Clean ICS. Also please provide me the download links for Stock Momo9 and procedure too if its different.

          • NiharG

            @Shashank Jaiswal Clean ICS itself is MOMO9 Stock

  • Arpan

    How to instal clean ics plz help
    And plz tel about wifi promblem

    • NiharG

      There is a post in this site itself for clean ICS installation. Search. And Some users have reported WiFi Problem, But it worked fine for me.

  • NiharG

    @Shashank Jaiswal Clean ICS itself is MOMO9 Stock 😀

  • Shashank Jaiswal

    it seems like some problem. The CWM is unable to install it says device offline.

    • die2mrw007

      Restart ur device in cwm recovery and check if its same

  • Anirban Chatterjee

    This ROM is awesome! Only one thing I would request, the unlocking of all apps from the market. It’s for that I am getting forced to switch to CyanogenMod ROM, even though I was more than happy to stay with this one.

    I did download the app apks from apktop etc. but staying updated with those apps and downloading apks for every single one was hard. Btw Allwinner mod didn’t work either.

  • Anirban Chatterjee

    Can we install the Gapps mod atop this jetmod, like we can do to cyanogen? I mean, if somewhat we can unlock all market apps, this mod would be a pure gold. 😀

    Right now it’s just one step away from perfection.

    • Shashank Jaiswal

      Dude, why to demand this much.
      First of take a backup of this jetmod. Then install Cyanogen ROM. Download Each and every app. Then Take backup of cyanogen. Copy it to PC. Look for all the full apps.
      Copy them to any folder for installing later on tab. now restore the backup of jetmod. Install the apps And Enjoy!!!!!!!

      • Anirban Chatterjee

        Would be great, thanks. 🙂 But a problem is that, Cyanogen Mod is not compatible with my Airtel 3G dongle. Even the Wifi doesn’t work nicely there. Jetmod on the other than hand is good in every sphere.

        I have installed all the apps I require through the file manager after downloading apks. But still, thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 Will try that someday.

  • sooraj

    this coutom rom does not work
    dont download
    it stucks at thetime of loading

    • die2mrw007

      Its works fine dude….thousands of users are already using it including me. Dont misguide others if you did not follow the correct procedures and are stuck with it.
      Retry it after reading the procedure correctly.

    • Anirban Chatterjee

      While loading for the first time, it will take some time. Did you wait for some time?

  • Hi all i downloaded this rom but unable to install it bocz in my funbook internal memory not show(0.00 byte free space) and i also tyr to restore my funbook but no success.Plz any one heelp to solve this problem

  • Anirban Chatterjee

    Everything is excellent in it, I can honestly say. But I would only want the android market apps to be shown compatible with my device. 🙁 Shashwat’s suggestion is good, but that won’t help us in keeping our apps updated through store.

    If only we could somehow have the market apps shown compatible… like it used to have been with the stock micromax mod (which was bad otherwise).

  • Anirban Chatterjee

    Again, I must say while I am very much pleased with this mod, the market compatibility issue still bugs me. Cyanogen isn’t working with my Airtel 3g, and Jetmod is way faster. Another advantage is that it keeps your 2160 player.

    I made some research about the market compatibility, and crashed my tablet a couple of times trying to make the market believe it to be a phone and so on…

    Is it related to the dpi issue anyway? Allwinner mod doesn;t seem to work on my funbook tablet, btw.

    • die2mrw007

      Anirban, you should try Allwinner app which works for me pretty well in all of the Custom ROM available here.
      First install SuperUser app from google play store and then go to its settings > Update SU binary
      After that, install allwinner app and grant Super User permission to allwinner app when you select the tablet to Samsung Galaxy S2 mode.

      • Anirban Chatterjee

        Thanks mate, I’ll try that.

  • Hi i have installed Jetmod5 but after rebooting TAB is just not starting. Pl suggest how to solve this problem.

    thank u

  • kumar

    i installed jetmod 5.0 in my funbook it installed successfully but it is strucked on funbook logo pls help me

    • Same problem I have faced even I have installed it successfully but its stuck.

      • Abbas

        same problem, 🙁 ,hate it…….

    • die2mrw007

      Re-install it and this time before installing, try to do these tasks in the CWM recovery boot
      Wipe Factory data
      Wipe cache
      Advanced > Wipe dalvik cache
      Wipe battery

      • sajal

        plzzzz shre how to solve ths prblem

  • ahmd-th-d

    I insld jetmod ..nice perfomence..but when am changing fullscreen mode to smart screen mode ,it made disappear the icons names .wot shud I do.?? Nd whr is th nusiq player….
    And also I cnt edit images… help me …

    • die2mrw007

      Did you try a restart for the icons issue? Try restarting your funbook and see whether the icons are loaded properly with names.
      I dont remember whether there was music player as I am currently using another ROM which is in beta….but you can always use third party music player which you could download from Google Play Store… try TTPOD player, Its really good 🙂

      • ahmd-th-d

        Yeh I tried svral times….bt still th sme wit the icons…and bro I cnt edit picz..nd nfs hot persuit s nt workn ..
        When am editn sme image it changes to single colr…
        Nd wit nfs itz working bt the car s running n white space..no roda no envrnmntz…
        Is thr any pblm wit gpu??
        Tnxx for th infmtn abt th muzic playr

  • sumit mane

    i have installed jet mode but since then my tata photon is not detecting…….before installing jetmode it was detecting…….any help would be appreciated thnx!!!

  • ishan

    sir it shows signature verification failed
    installation aborted

    • Deepansh

      Happens with me as well….

  • sam

    I have installed this rom. It was good.but nova 3 can’t play. Any solution

  • installed jetmod successfully but stuck on the main screen..help plzzzz.. previously i installed cyanogenmod.. 0.3

  • bhargav Das

    installed jetmod successfully but stuck on the main screen(shws black)..help plzzzz.. previously i installed cyanogenmod.. 0.3

  • Ashish Gupta

    @ Nihar…… I am also downloading JetMOD, because i am also fedup with micromx custom software… I have only one query… If i am done with your JetMOD and i get some problem.. WIll i able to switch to its Original ROM….If possible, please tell me the things, which i would take care before do it….

  • Test it before you upload it !!!!! not working at all !!!!!

  • HAL9000

    My funbook is already on Cyanbook ROm,do i need to flash it with Momo 9 firmware to avoid it from getting stuck at the logo ?

  • HAL9000

    This ROM doesnt work,rolled back to cyanbook. Cyanbook and Funseries worked well.this doesnt.Wasted few of my mins on this.

  • money

    for installing jet mod rooting is needed or not . actually i am littlebit sacred because in many sites it write you must root your phone.but funbook comes prerooted.my email id is rajnesh6826@gmail.com

  • Vishnu

    Im in trouble please help… I’ve no previous experience with with rooting and flashing. When i installed JetMod my funbook stucks on the funbook logo… can any one explain step by step guide to reinstall by my CWM backup files. I use nova tools to enter recovery mode. since my tab is not getting on how will i do that..? please help me its urgent. 🙁

  • Sukrith

    Hi i flashed your rom everything was great but i need to switch back to the stock rom and the problem is that i cant restore stock rom nor install a new one i think it is due to the momo 9 rom i flashed before using this any help is appretiated

  • Anirban Chatterjee

    Hello guys, thanks very much for the tutorial and resources. Worked smoothly for me, and jetmod is working flawlessly. But one unrelated question appeared in my mind, can we use any stylus with funbook?

    If yes, is there any special customization required to be done so as to enable the usage of stylus? I brought the device to the local shop and they tried Galaxy Note stylus and a few others, but none of them worked. So, I was beginning to doubt whether it worked or not.

    Then, when I browsed the matter online, I found a page with a list of stylus devices for funbook. I’m not sure if they work or not. Is there any special calibration required to be done or some setting to be changed?

    Any help is welcome, and thanks in advance. 🙂

  • sajal

    after installing ths rom it saw only funbook logo …what i am doing ???? plzzz solve ths problem

  • can u give roms for funbook infinity??….

  • abhee

    Never worked for me even after trying so many times with correct procedure….

  • suresh

    mirror links are not working, please update download links

  • aswin aravind

    in my fb i have installed many roms such as cyanogenmod 0.4, cyanbook jb v4, funseries & kangbook . non had booting problems but this has can you suggest me why?????

  • Antriksh Chaudhary

    wifi not working after installing jetmod 5.0.1 on my funbook p300!!
    everything works just awesome but wifi is not working…….please fix it, because if wifi is not working , it will become a waste for me!!!