[Custom ROM] JetMOD 5.0.1 |Beats Audio| xLoud | Smooth Scroll | Adrenaline 

 May 26, 2012

By  NiharG

 [Custom ROM] JetMOD 5.0.1 |Beats Audio| xLoud | Smooth Scroll | Adrenaline

Varun Chitre Has created the First Ever Custom ROM Dedicated to Micromax Funbook. Lets see the features of it:

Feature List: 

1. Init.d support
2. Added Bash- A better alternative for ‘sh’ for execution of scripts
3. Added Nano
4. Zipaligned all APK’s for better RAM utilization
5. Enabled Hardware acceleration for accelerated performance
6. Enabled Purgeable assets for AUTO-FREE of RAM memory
7. UI rendered with GPU for better Gaming
8. Forced Launcher into RAM for smoother Home operations
9. New DNS values for better Internet page loading
10. New TCP buffer values for better downloading/uploading and Internet performance11. Increased overall touch responsiveness
12. Disabled Verify-Bytecode for faster application loading and more free RAM
13. New RAM Min-free for auto-killing apps incase RAM memory gets full-Now no more need of task killer
14. Enabled power collapse and forced sleep for better battery backup
15. Kernel_check ini set to zero to avoid app crash and force closes
16. Moved dalvik cache to /cache partition for massive boost in performance
17. SD card cache value set to 2048 for faster loading of apps on sd card
18. Optimized SQlite operations for improved Input/Output
19. New values for Dirty ratios, OOM ADJ for increased performance
20. Zipalign on boot for auto-zipalignment of newly installed apps
21. On-boot Battery calibration- Now phone will show accurate battery
22. New Swappiness values for more swappy funbook 
23. Most Important- Pre-rooted
24. Based on Ployer Momo9 stock ROM
25. Added Beats audio
26 Added xLoud
27. Integrated Super smooth scroll mod
28. Integrated Volume steps mod
29. Integraed ICS hide bar mod

Whats Added/Removed:

1. Removed lots of Micromax crapware and bloatwares
2. Removed stock launcher, replaced with Apex launcher and Sony Xperia S launcher
3. Added new file manager
4. Added hosts file – Now no more ads in any of your app 
5. Added new Marvel bootanimation

How to Flash this ROM?

This ROM is flashable via recovery

Note: First make a backup before flashing this ROM, just incase 
1. Reboot to recovery
2. Wipe data/ Factory reset
3. Wipe dalvik cache in advanced menu
4. Install zip from sd card and locate this zip and flash!!
5. Reboot system
6. Done!! you are travelling in JetMOD™ 5.0

 By default the ROM is in full screen mode due to ICS hidebar

So to view the navigation bar, change the property in Display–>Fullscreen–>Smart Screen Mode

Download JetMOD 5.0.1 Here!


Mirror Links:

Do let us know about what you feel about this ROM in the Comments section below!

Original XDA Thread Here! 

All Credits to Varun Chitre For Making this Fabulous ROM.

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  1. Hello guys, thanks very much for the tutorial and resources. Worked smoothly for me, and jetmod is working flawlessly. But one unrelated question appeared in my mind, can we use any stylus with funbook?

    If yes, is there any special customization required to be done so as to enable the usage of stylus? I brought the device to the local shop and they tried Galaxy Note stylus and a few others, but none of them worked. So, I was beginning to doubt whether it worked or not.

    Then, when I browsed the matter online, I found a page with a list of stylus devices for funbook. I’m not sure if they work or not. Is there any special calibration required to be done or some setting to be changed?

    Any help is welcome, and thanks in advance. :)

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