Restoring your tablet back to Micromax Funbook Original Rom.

Lots of people are asking on how to get to the Micromax Funbook original rom, as their tata photon dongles don’t work with the new rom, i posted, so here is the method, which is relatively simple.


1) Micromax rom

part 1)-

(part 2) –

2)Clock Work Recovery mod


Lets ‘s Get Started:

1)  Download part 1 , part 2 and Extract,download cwm and extract.

2) Turn on tablet and leave it at main home screen.

3.) Connect the tablet to the computer with a USB cable,and copy the contents Of micromax  rom  in Root of Memory Card,or copy in clockworkmod>backup,if its not already in the backup folder.

-It will ask for drivers,if you haven’t installed yet, download this file :

Funbook ADB Drivers 32-Bit  or Funbook ADB Drivers 64-Bit (Download the Drivers according to your System Architecture.)

Install the drivers by the method shown in the bottom of this post : Installing Clean ICS

4) Run “recovery-install” batch file to run the script,Press 1)Install cwm5 for ICS.

5) When done, Switch off the tablet, hold the Options hard button on the tablet and while holding

Menu/Options, press and hold the Power button,tablet will go directly in recovery mode.

6) Navigate to restore and backup option by vol +/- keys and press power to enter , then select the file, let it do its job and when done click reboot. Done!

  • Nandi

    Once i boot into recovery (using Menu + Power key), i am unable to navigate using the volume up/down button. How do i navigate?

    Also, i use a Reliance Huawei EC1260 dongle which is not working with the stock ROM. Would that work with this ROM?

    • NiharG

      Have you installed CWM Recovery ? The keys dont work in the default recovery for some reason. I faced this issue too. Installed the CWM recovery and it’ll be solved.

      • Pankaj

        I have funbook original ROM but unfortunatly..i erased my data from internal storage while connecting SD card..any chance to get it back?

        • It isnt possible to get those data back without flashing with stock ROM (original) with all the contents unmodified.
          We too are searching for a guy who didnt modified anything in Funbook so that we could get the Stock ROM (unmodified)

        • Shashank Jaiswal

          Buddy, I have the backup of internal sd card. But only thing is I have deleted the movie, vid song and aud songs which came inside. If you wish to get that file I may provide you torrent or via teamveiwer. Contact

  • jatin

    I did this, but my photon is still not working with my tab…… Now only service centre is the last hope, I think…
    By the way shashwat I don’t think that you personally had tried all this things before posting them and helping us to corrupt our own tabs???

    • NiharG

      After doing this, go to settings and factory reset the Tab once. It will most probably work.

    • NiharG

      And Shashwat has tried this before posting here. We have found many things which are not specifically for Funbook but they still work on Funbook such as scripts and apps. But we havent Posted them here because we are testing them thoroughly before posting.

    • shashwat

      No bro, i tries every single thing before posting but i got no tata photon,but i had tried other dongles and they works.

      • Nandi

        Have you tried with other CDMA dongles like Reliance and MTS?
        Also, can we not unlock the use of Photon from inside the config file of the Funbook?

        • NiharG

          As far as CDMA Dongles are concerned, AFAIK they need specific drivers to work. GSM dongles dont require any drivers. You just need to configure them via settings.

          • Nandi

            How do we install the drivers? A lot of people have existing Reliance NetConnect dongles which are not working like me.

          • NiharG

            I really dont know about these dongles as I have never owned one. Do you have any GSM dongle?

  • jatin

    well, bro , steps u r suggesting to me all I did, but result is the same.
    Can u tell me which gsm modem u r using with tab, well mine is micromax 310G and its not working.

  • Aman

    I am not able to navigate in the recovery mode usind volume keys,only home button is working.Please Help

    • Nandi

      You need to install CWM Recovery. The stock Android Recovery does not work. After CWM use the volume keys for navigation and power key for enter.

  • Rimal

    can you please help to get the original build.prop (unmodified) file for micromax funbook….

    • NiharG

      I’ll Try..

  • akash

    hey man… pls help me i just uninstalled a system file with :rup: app which was used to remove bloat ware ……now my funbook is starting ans “funbook” written on screen and afterwards the whole screen goess blank pls pls help me……

    • NiharG

      You need to restore a CWM Backup or install Clean ICS or Any Custom ROM.

  • Pradeep

    How to get Un-Modified Stock Rom of Funbook from a new funbook. Can any one explain?

    Thanks in advance

    • NiharG

      Unfortunately, you cant. As Micromax Havent released it.

      • Pradeep

        No I mean to ask whether we can get a backup of original Stock rom by a New Tablet?

        • NiharG


          • Pradeep

            Then please share how to get backup of Stock rom from new tab please.

          • Pradeep

            Then please share how to get backup of Stock rom from new tab please. Without Violating Warranty.

          • NiharG

            You need to install CWM for that Which MAY Void the Warranty,

          • Shashank Jaiswal

            No CWM isn’t voiding the warranty, the service centre itself uses that for flashing the tabs as the stock recovery s#cks.

          • Shashank Jaiswal

            I myself talked to the technician at MMX Service Centre, He told me. For the part of the Original Stock ROM, He is saying me to wait for upto two month to steal them.

          • NiharG

            @Shashank Jaiswal: Wait for two months for what ?

          • Shashank Jaiswal

            Right now the Stock ROM is in testing mod that is why the tablet has too many bugs. MMX has released the tab early in order to avoid the competition from BSNL Tab and Ubislate+. The Stable version is still being developed.

    • Shashank Jaiswal

      @Pradeep Have you taken the backup from your new tablet. If yes, Please Share it buddy.

  • Shashank Jaiswal

    It says file not found. Where should I put the restore file. I want to know the folder where it needs to be pasted

    • NiharG

      Do you have a External SD? If yes, then paste it in extsdClockrokmodBackup

      • Shashank Jaiswal

        Ya, I took the restore first and then replaced the file. Did that on myself. By the way thanks.
        One more thing the restore here is also not original even after factory resetting the tab, the app superuser is still there. If possible, if you have any contact who have not yet installed any ROM, please make him factory reset and take that backup. I really need that very hardly. Got some stuff to be fixed at MMX Service Centre, but if I took that with the current restore file, they are screwing me for voiding the warranty and asking me for 880/- to flash it up again

        • die2mrw007

          My friend will be providing me the Stock ROM sooner….I will update it here when I receive it and after testing 🙂

          • Shashank Jaiswal

            Thanks buddy. Try to make it Soonest. 🙂 😀

        • NiharG

          880 For Flashing? They are looting people.

          • Shashank Jaiswal

            Ya. Becuse you have voided the warranty.

          • NiharG

            But still. 880 Still a Loot.

          • Shashank Jaiswal

            And don’t forget that for every repair you face onward will be charged from 75/- to 1250/- depending over the issue and it includes only “Repair”. If it is sent to the company, forget about it for 1 month or more.

  • Shashank Jaiswal

    Finally I have got a way to get the original Stock ROM(In My Case, I had installed Clean ICS as a result of the base of the tab was changed). I have got my friends tab and was happy to watch that it had the it still had the base kernel of Funbook, but he had put cyanbook over it. So, if anyone can provide me the CWM backup of the new or factory resetted tab(must be unused, CWM may be installed). I would be able to provide a ROM.

    • Shashank Jaiswal

      sorry for the english I am very sleepy…..:/

  • As he has installed cyanbook over it, you can’t get stock rom backup….you will have to find a newly purchased funbook with no modifications

    • Shashank Jaiswal

      I knew that buddy, by the way i have got a fresh flashed full new upgraded(firmware officially upgraded by micromax) tab. By now I thought it would be easy taking a desktop backup(may be checked for inside developer settings.) If anyone could get me a tutorial for that I would be able to get the original kernel too along with the Backup. By the way I am going to provide a backup of a brand new MMX Funbook by tomorrow.

      • NiharG

        That’ll be aswesome. If you dont mind, can you give me your e-mail or Facebook username ?

        • Shashank Jaiswal

          @NiharG There’s some greater issue then before. Now the new firmware of the funbook isn’t rooted. I am unable to get the backup. Can you please look for taking a desktop backup. I had seen this option in developers settings but I was unable to find that. If you could look for it then it will be great to customize the funbook on our own—–> No need to install custom ROM and void Warranty.

          • Shashank Jaiswal


  • Ashish

    shashwat , this post is useless.


  • sumit mane

    first i was on jetmode bt photon didnt work so i went bck 4 d stock rom but its still nt working…….plz help me coz i hav already paid its money so plz suggest me how can i use my photon……!! thnx…plz!!

    • shashwat

      Better go to mmx service center, they will flash it with original rom.

  • sumit mane

    do u know d address? i stay in mumbai……and 1 more question i have idea net setter so can it be used in cyan or jetmode or fun series???…..n ya its gsm….thnx

    • shashwat

      i also have idea net setter and works perfectly, but cyanbook for some reason does not detect dongles, but no problem with other roms.

      Call 1860 500 8286 , they will tell u the nearest service center from ur place.

  • neo

    Some time back I took Nandroid backup of my Funbook Rom (Original). This I did after installing CWM.

    Then I installed fresh ICS using ( The installation was successfull. I also installed CWM.

    Now when I am trying to restore the nandroid backup of old stock funbook ROM, its not working. Its stopping at some point. I have tried with several old NANDROID backups also but they are all stopping at some point during restore process.

    Is there any specific step I need to follow on clean ICS, to restore my old funbook backup.

    Please share your views on this.

    • NiharG

      This is totally strange. I have reverted from Clean ICS as well as CM9 to Stock from CWM Backups. No Problems faced at all.

  • kartik

    when i was installing this it shows md5 checking…….md5 mismatch pls tell how to fix this problem…

  • Suprotim Biswas

    today i have gone to the service center of dhanbad they did not khow to flash the software of funbook then they have call me inside the service center and i have reset my funbook myself in the service center and they have given the software to reset the funbook
    and it is the original software which was provided to them by the micromax company…..

  • link 1 dead

  • Devansh

    Will this backup work on Funbook Alpha?

  • Ansh

    first file not found pls help

  • Still Photon + not worked in this rom///

  • Rahul

    part 1 link is not working plz reupload this

  • hello my funbook is locked due to many pattern attempts and i entered my email and password but it is not unlock. please tell me what should i do to unlock it, please please help

    • Rishu

      If your funbook is unlocked Please help me I am in same problem.Miss call me at-08109286383

      • ANM

        Factory reset or login with google id if u have wiffi enable and can connect with google ID. I have faced this problem and have escaped successfully

  • Sabbyj

    The first mediafire link isn’t working anymore!

  • antriksh

    It still have custom keneral…….and I want the stock keneral!!!! Please help

  • Dan Atun Biswas

    will it work for micromax funbook infinity

  • dhruv

    error mismach md5 sums