[ROM] CyanBook v0.4 – Unofficial Cyanogenmod based ROM for Funbook [Updated -07/05/2012 ]

This is the unofficial Cyanogenmod based ROM for Funbook tablet.

All credits to karndev and Cyanogenmod for the ROM development.


How to install :

1) Boot to Recovery (CWM)
2) Backup your current ROM
3) Wipe data/Factory reset
4) Wipe Cache
5) Wipe Dalvik Cache
6) Install from sdcard >>CyanBook (downloaded ROM zip file)
7) Install from sdcard >>gapps (downloaded GApps zip file)
8 ) Reboot

Known Bugs :

1) Clock AM/PM style is not working.
2) Alarm might not ring
3) Settings text appears next to battery symbol.

Some Highlights :

1)  FaceUnlock works
2)  Support for USB Game Controllers
3) Gtalk Video chat works.

Download Links:

05-07-2012 [Version 0.4]

>>Updated CM9.
>>Updated Apex Launcher.
>>Added CM9 File Manager.
>>Added Notes Application.
>>Removed Stock Browser.
>>New Kernel.
>>Changed Bootanimation.
>>Changed Fingerprint to SGS2.
>>Faster / Smoother.

CyanBook_v0.4 : Download
Gapps Modified : Download
Gapps Full : Download

Release: 18-06-2012 [Version 0.3]

>>Updated CM9 .
>>CRT off animation .
>>New Boot Animation.
>>KSM !!! ( Go to settings>>Performance>> Memory Management >> check Kernel Samepage Merging )
>>Added Special Co-ordination system for games that require inverted axis ( Go to Settings>>Display>>Accelerometer coordination system)
>>Can add seperate lockscreen background.
>>Might support some USB speakers.
>>etc, etc, etc (just tooo many changes)

CyanBook_v0.3 : Download
Gapps : Download

Release: 06-06-2012

>> Updated CM9
>> Removed some apps.
>> New init.d tweaks.
>> Added toggleBar to change to full screen
>> Added SmartAssV2 governor.

CyanBook_v0.2 : Download
Gapps : Download

Original Thread at XDA

  • harish

    where is the option face unlock pls help

    • die2mrw007

      Install GApps from the provided article, sign in to your google account via Google Play Store..Go to Settings > Lockscreen > Screenlock > Facelock 🙂

  • harish

    thank you :):):)

  • Anirban Chatterjee

    Can it be called better than JetMod? I ask this because jetmod is excellent in all ways, only other than the fact hat it doesn’t have all apps unlocked from market.

    • NiharG

      Performance wise, jetMOD is Good. Features-wise, Cyanbook is good!

      • Anirban Chatterjee

        Ah, thanks Nihar. That explains why my funbook runs faster with jetmod. I’ll be sticking to it for now.

        • NiharG15

          Try the New Version 0.4. Its Performance Wise Good to.

  • Abyfal

    any idea why tata photon will not work or detect or show APNs on this ROM ?? everything else is perfect,,

  • Gaurav

    Hey these custom roms are modified android ics or altogether new operating systems;

    and can warranty be void by installing them?

    • shashwat

      Canbook or this rom is different rom as its based on cm9 other roms available for mmx fb are based on original rom, yes warranty will be void if one installs them, but we can go back to original rom any time.

      • Gaurav

        So by going back to original before taking it to their service center,they would’t know that i have flashed another rom and warranty will remain to be valid or not???

        • die2mrw007

          Yes it do!
          If you flash back the Stock Micromax provided ROM and take it to service center, they will not be knowing about the custom ROM you installed and warranty remains safe 🙂

  • John


  • John

    G Nihar g is this tablet worth buying? Plz suggest me and what about that attitude daksh

    • shashwat

      Well this tab is totally worth buying, micromax is a more trusted brand, i will advise u to go for fb than daksh.

  • John

    G Niharg is this tablet worth buying? Plz suggest me and what about that attitude daksh

    • die2mrw007

      Funbook is better than that daksh…simply because Funbook has a powerful Graphics Processing unit and could run majority of HD games and videos.

  • Gaurav

    And is this true that the new tabs of micromax funbook have upgraded ics and is better than cyanbook or jetmod?

    • die2mrw007

      Not really….its the same ICS version 4.0.3 and has little improvement in stability over the previous stock ROM.
      But the new upgraded release has some issues like Camera not responding and others as per the reports by users.

      • Gaurav

        Thanks die2mrow but what to do now since i an planning to buy it on nearby 10 july ,so plz advice how to get it without any issues and mention the website where you read the user reviews about the new(upgraded) tab.
        Btw is it available in retail stores of rajasthan.

  • akash

    is clean ics needed

    • shashwat

      Well,its certainly needed if u have bought the tab previously, nowadays tab is not coming completely rooted and only way to get full access is to install clean ics, try to follow the steps correctly and if possible try using a different pc.

  • kumar

    can any one provide me original micromax stock rom plssssss

    Thank you

  • aravind

    how to keep faceunlock…??

  • akash

    pls help me friut ninja not working

    • akash

      and google location also not working any solution pls hel

      • akash

        pls help me friut ninja not working
        and google location also not working any solution pls help pls reply

  • Hey. I download ROM and GApps. But how do I flash this thing? I really have no idea.

    I really wanna know that. Also link to the official stock firmware so that if anything goes wrong I can revert back to it.

    • NiharG15

      Instructions are there in the Post Read Carefully.

  • can i install the “gapps” in stock micromax rom. i have cwm recovery installed. and if yes , then which one, “gapps modified” or “gapps full”. and whats the difference between these two??

    • NiharG15

      They are already there in Stock ROM. No Need to Flash Again.

  • Justin

    Which dongle is best for custom Rom and tell if any other software needed .

    • Most of the USB dongle work….get dongles made by Huwaei modems

      • anup

        i have vodafon zte k3770 how abt tat??

  • Gentle

    Market is not installed why?

    • Just google for “Play store.apk” and you will get the setup file of market 🙂

  • Kamal

    Camera zoom is not working. In cm9 why?

    • D.L.S.

      better copy the camera.apk from funbook recovery from apps folder in system and replace with that in apps folder of system in cyanbook zip with out extracting it using winrar.

  • Amit Sharma

    SO many problems.. I have installed SuperUer and the latest CWM.. I guess i will wait for KARAN to update and fix all the bugs.. It is better to have a fully working ROM.. Thank you so much to the developer for making such awesome ROMS — KARANDEV.. Keep it up buddy 🙂

  • D.L.S.

    masterji yeh mode tablet ka pura ram nahi dikha rahi hai sirf 305mb hee dikha rahi hai
    kya ise set kar sakte hain.
    apko is mod ko rakne ke liye shukriya

  • I have zte mf112 and vodafone zte k3770. They are not working on my funbook. But my huawei e353 is working perfectly. Can you tell me what do I do to use zte dongles.

    Plz help.

    • anurag

      hey my tata photon is not working pls help:(((

  • Angshuman

    I have installed cyanogen yesterday… now SD MAID app is showing ROOT STATUS as UNROOTED.. PLZZ help…

  • hey my tata photon is not working pls help

  • Sachin

    idea net setter will work in this ROM or not..???

  • Hariharan

    Yesterday i downloaded Cyan book v4.0 and installed in my tablet, but there are so many bugs. Connectivity part is completely not working.
    1. Bluetooth not getting enabled even when we connected the dongle.
    2. Settings>More>Mobile networks option not working. because of which i am not able to connect the Reliance net connect data card.
    Rest of them are fine. I love the interface and lots and lots of customization option thanks for modifying the rom.
    Would request your help in troubleshooting the same.

  • Chetan

    Sir Please Help Me Out
    I Have Installed Ur Rom …. It Worked Awsome … I Loved It But … Last Night It Automatically Got Restart And After Dat … Tablet Is Not Working …
    Itz Just Alwayz Stopeed At The Starting Micromax Logo Comes Dats Oll …. Please Help Me Out ….

  • SiD

    i installed the custom rom and now the funbook is stuck on the micromax logo
    and is not booting
    stuck on the logo booting screen

    • Sid

      i need help plz

      • Sid

        plz sum one n e one help

        • jayesh

          enter recovery mod wipe all data and cache and in advanced wipe battery and dalvik cache re-download files and flash it again.

  • Sid

    plz help

  • adi

    sir my funbook is getting slow and not recognising any usb or dongle

  • adi

    sir please help

  • milind

    hey unlike funseries 3 custom ROM this cyanogen custom ROM cannot add ad-hoc network from Nokia ..plz can any one create new boot file which can add this network.

  • hey unlike funseries 3 custom ROM this cyanogen custom ROM cannot add ad-hoc network from Nokia ..plz can any one create new boot file which can add this network.

  • Vishal Kumar VK

    Very Very Very Very Very VVVEERRRRRYYYY Happy with the ROM !!! Working !!

  • Neo

    It is possible to install custom ROM on micromax funbook p275

  • manish

    i installed the cyan book sucessfully but while using it gets too hot n battery life has decreased too much …………please help me

  • Guruprasad Choukimath

    i have funbook. i need to connect my reliance netconnect+( which is cdma ) to the tablet which ROM should i have to install?

  • anurag

    touch is not working