[ROM] [Tutorial] How to install original Micromax Funbook Stock ROM

We have already published an article on “Restoring your tablet back to original Micromax Rom” where we demonstrated on how to restore your Funbook Tablet to back its Original Micromax Stock ROM. But I feel that restore point wasnt that perfect and had many apps included which the uploader installed in it.

So, here I got a fresh new Stock ROM recovery files from Karndevsinh Jhala which is untouched Stock ROM from Micromax and has only a single third party app installed namely, SuperUser with updated binaries. Yes, this app is actually essential for Funbook users and hence inclusion of this app is worth.

Micromax Original Stock ROM download (the files are uploaded in two parts for easy upload):
Part -1/ (New working Link)

After downloading both part (part1 and part2), extract it and paste the folder inside your Funbook memory in this path: clockworkmod/backup/
The Path will look like:  clockworkmod/backup/2012-05- Files)

Now, you will need ClockWork Mod Recovery (CWM) for restoring this ROM to your Funbook tablet. Follow this Tutorial to install CWM if your Funbook Tablet doesnt have it already: Installing ClockWork Mod Recovery on Micromax Funbook

After installation of CWM Recovery, just reboot your device in CWM boot [hold options button (placed below the Home button) and simultaneously press the power button for 5 seconds until your tablet power ON]. Your tablet will then boot in CWM recovery and you will see options as shown in below screenshot:

Now navigate to “backup and restore” option using the Volume down key and then to select the option, single press power key. Then go to Restore option and  select the stock ROM folder (2012-05- from there, the CWM recovery will start to install the Stock ROM back to Funbook Tablet and when its finished with its task, press back button and then select “reboot system now”. Viola, you are back to the Original Micromax Funbook Stock ROM! 🙂

Thanks to Karndevsinh Jhala for uploading the Original Micromax Funbook Stock ROM.

Thanks to Tskk DaretobeDifferent for re-uploading the Part-1 file which got deleted from mediafire server.

  • kumar

    thanks a lot for the rom

    can you please upload a tutorial for changing boot logo in funbook…


    • die2mrw007

      Boot logo is within Kernel I guess and I dont have any source of it!
      Still will try to get it for you

  • priyank

    hey will tata photon work on this rom??

    • die2mrw007

      Yes, Tata Photon Plus will definitely work on this ROM

      • priyank

        thank you. 🙂
        so much,,, u helped me with that rom..i mistakely installed cyanmod rom and no dongel is working in that,, but the rom u provided.tata photon is working great.. 🙂 thanx mate

      • priyank

        hey bro if i install clean ics using live suite then which dongle will work because after installing fresh ics tata photon plus is nt working.

  • Justin

    Pls tell is micromax fnbk is better than ainol novo elf2 and zync z990 plus?

    • die2mrw007

      Definitely Funbook is better than those as per the CPU model and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)…

  • Justin

    Hey admin thanks for suggestion
    But I am afraid being a pioneer in tablet . I have save 7000 bucks and want to use on best tablet suggest?

    • die2mrw007

      You may wait for this tablet….there is no close competition to this tablet and it is offered directly by Google Inc..so you can expect a lot updates over it.

      But the thing is that the tablet might be priced at around 13,000Rs to 15,000 Rs…but it is definitely worth the money

      But on a budget around 6,000-7,000 you will not find anything better than Funbook 🙂
      If you want a better deal for funbook when purchasing, do contact me on die2mrw007@gizmolord.com…I will help you to get the cheapest deal online for that period.
      Currently Funbook is available at 5700 Rs at indiatimes shopping site.

  • sk

    thanks for the backup of the original rom!…will dig into it and see if can extract the settings for tata photon(which the the main problem why people are switching back to stock)…
    and its same right?….very laggy….slow boot….stupid mmx apps….?

    • die2mrw007

      Yes, its the original stock ROM by micromax…laggy, slow boot and lots of stupid micromax pre-loaded apps

      • justin

        Thanks but I have read the review of nexus 7 on redmondpie.com .it is wifi only tablet na?

        • Yes, its a Wifi only tab
          but the price is expected to be around 15,000 Rs or more

  • Hello guys, I have installed Jetmod and am quite happy with it. But one thing I would like to use really, is the Vriti app for education (I am XII student, science). So, is it possible to use it (with all the materials and courses provided free with the stock ROM) with Jetmod?

    I have already a full backup of the folders of the original ROM, with about 600 MB of Vriti videos, courses etc. I have installed the apks and moved the materials to the top folder of my SD card, but not sure what to do next. Any help? 🙂

    • Though I cant confirm on this…but if you have taken .apk backup of the miscromax provided apps, you may try installing it to JETMOD and see whether it works or not!

  • jayesh

    Good news for all funbook users luckily i got stock firmfire file and micromax flashing tool by my frnd who is working at funbook service center 🙂

    • hardik

      Hey jayesh i installed jetmode and i am struck in boot mode my funbook recovery also showing error to me please share firmfire and flashing tool

      • jayesh

        Sry frnd but All those micromax stuff is upto 1.5 gb and i dont have fast internet connection

        • hardik

          w r u from ? gujarat ?

          • jayesh

            Yupp, why?

          • Jigar

            dude yu from ahmedabad?

          • jayesh

            Yaaa .

          • jigar

            dude…even am from a’bad..so can i pls meet yu n have dat all mmx stock stuff?

          • jigar


          • Jigar

            @jack795:disqus ….even i’m from ahmedabad…and i want to have that all mmx stock data(some custom roms have ruined my funbook :-[ )..so can i pls meet yu n have that data via pendrive..cuz yu said yu r nt able 2 upload that all… please help buddy!

          • karndev

            even i m from ahmedabad :p if one of u can give me the firmware.. i ll upload it 🙂

          • wow..gr8 mahnn!

            @bb921784bf952aa54b4f97df9e99ba86:disqus ….will get that from Jayesh, if he’s givin me 😉
            n deb vl upload it o vl pass 2 yu!
            n yu “Karndevsinh Jhala” only na??
            i’ve added yu in my facebook frenz!

          • karndev


          • satellite? Is that an area? Hahahaaahaa…

          • karndev

            no.. i live in international space station.. lol.. :p
            yes.. datz the areaz name :p

          • @bb921784bf952aa54b4f97df9e99ba86:disqus …oKayhh! me near-by S.G.Highway…Bhagwat

          • jayesh


          • Prem-funbook lover

            Anyone uploaded it in net, plz share the files,, as i m not in Ahmedabad to contact @Jayesh 🙁

          • jayesh

            w w w.4 s h a r e d.c o m/ r a r/k4re-IX-/M ic r o m a x_F u n b o o k_p300_F i r m w a re.html

          • jayesh


          • Prem-funbook lover

            Gr8… Thanks a lot for sharing this, will try this…

          • Aman Sharma

            Bhai Agar ye File Chal Gayi….To Kasam Khuda Ki Jindgi Bhar Ehsaan MAnunga Tera !!!!

          • LOL 😀

          • @bb921784bf952aa54b4f97df9e99ba86:disqus ….i guess yu Karndevsinh Jhala..n i’ve added yu on my Facebook account..
            dis is cool dat so many guys postin/commentin here r from A’bad…

            anyways,,if @jack795:disqus is givin me dat stuff nehow..i vl upload it o pass it to yu fo sure… 🙂

          • vicks619

            guys anybody able to get the this and upload, if yes, please provide the link

          • chintu9900

            did you upload? gimme the link..

    • Jaykumar

      Where can we download it

    • hey bro can u plz send me it on ma Gmail Id Hears it “grvmarne9z@gmail.com”

      PLZ PLZ……..

    • Siddhant Jena

      hey jayesh bhai can uplz upload a link of stock firmware and micromax flashing tool of your frnd who is working in funbook service center plz bhai plz

  • Jaykumar

    how to paste the folder inside the Funbook memory in this path: clockworkmod/backup/

    The Path will look like: clockworkmod/backup/2012-05- Files)

    • Go to File Manager of Funbook, and make a folder named “clockworkmod” and then inside this folder make another folder named “backup” and then paste the downloaded folder named “2012-05-” into this backup folder 🙂

  • Jigar

    guys..is this image file that can be sync by using livesuit?

    • No, its a recovery image and not the Rom img file!
      You will need to install this using CWM

      • sakdip

        i am trying to use cwm for installing the img in your proceudre but when i enter cwm and try to find the /clockworkmod/backup/… directory on my sdcard (I cannot add it to any other directory), it gives me – Error: Can’t mount /sdcard!! I have tried everything including shaswat’s going back to original Micromax Rom (which worked), I have installed Superuser, I have ran SuperOneClick to Root the funbook (some say funbook is already rooted), modified the /sdcard and /extsd as per shaswat’s blog. I saw that when i run Terminal Emulator and enter su command, it gives me “permission denied” even though i have superuser running…please help…not sure what i am doing wrong…

  • trinadhreddy

    Is this ROM support TATA Photon Whiz ?
    i’ve downloaded and installed successfully on my funbook but the problem still exist.
    my funbook not detecting Tata Photon whiz.
    when i go to settings>more>access point names there’s nothing showing.
    please help me.
    By the way …..is tata photon whiz work on funbook or tata photon plus ???

    • As per the official announcement, Tata Photon Plus should work fine with Funbook with default Original ROM…Tata Photon Whiz will not work (I guess so)
      You will need to install a custom ROM to make your Tata Photon Whiz work with Funbook! And those custom Roms are published here itself…do have a look into other posts

  • Ashish

    Does not work in one step. we have to skip boot loader image restore as it does not work and process gets stuck there. Manually works where we have to skip the boot loader image and restore others one by one.

    This leads to the problem about warranty as the original micromax logo is not restored.

    Does any1 have solution for this?

    • how to skip the boot loader image ?

      • mohit

        why to skip . ?? just replace it with original boot loader after installation.

        • bro can u be more clear plz !

        • sajal

          I AM SAJAL..I AM FLASH THIS ROM…& IT SUCCESS 100%..IT WORKING GOOD..AT FIRST DOWNLOAD THS ROM LINK,PART 1 AND PART2,,THEN EXTRACT PART -1..BEFORE EXTRACT.THE FOLDER SHOW 2012-05-,THEN EXTRACT PART-2.BEFORE EXTRACT IT SHOW SAME FILE NAME,,THEN U RENAME LAST NUMBER 22 TO 23…(2012-05-26-18-20.23)THEN BOTH FOLDER COPY UR FUNBOOK INTERNAL MEMORY IN FOLDER OF (Clockworkmod-Backup)..then switch off ur funbook..then press option buttom and power buttom in few second..ur tablet boot into cwm recovery mod..then press back up & restore-restore from internal memory-both folder restoer & reboot..back to ur funbook rom

          • S.Kumar


            This solution worked, the above process in the main description failed at MD5 sum check and restore aborted. This process by Sajal worked though not sure on the logic of changing the file name (number). thanks though for the solution.

  • ramesh

    dear Die2mrw007 can you please suggest me where can i buy a high capacity battery like 4500 mah battery that is compatible to micromax funbook

  • Justin

    Dear admin I am not able to backup on internal sd card using cwm. Error MSG come as ” can’ t mount backup path”. Plz help me soon . I don’t have any external sd card

  • shaji

    Hi I got new Micromax fun book, i could not able download any file through browser or copy any file to my sd card through network, iam new to andriod, please help me
    Thanks in advance

  • shaji

    Iam trying to instal CWM, getting the following error,
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    failed to copy ‘recovery.img’ to ‘/data//recovery.img’: Permission denied
    /system/bin/sh: cannot create /dev/block/nandg: Permission denied,
    can somebody help me ?
    thanks in advance.

    • Gaurav

      same here for me
      model mfg-may 2012
      baseband vs.-1.2
      die2mrow or nihar g or anyone plz help

    • jojo

      try novo7tools or somthing like that..
      i also got the error you have but novo7tools worked
      it,s an app & easy to use

    • fownload and copy recovery.img in internal memory

  • Rohit Khatri

    dear admin i’m not able to combine these two parts in one file how to extract them please suggest me thanks in advance…..

  • D.L.S.

    Hello friends I found another rom on xda

    It is kangbook based on jellybean
    working one
    try it
    I send this message from it

  • Chetan

    When Am instalin CWM, getting the following error,
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    failed to copy ‘recovery.img’ to ‘/data//recovery.img’: Permission denied
    /system/bin/sh: cannot create /dev/block/nandg: Permission denied,
    can somebody help me ? please

    • ashraf

      You need to set the permissions of the root folder. You can do this by installing esFilemanager on the device then open the app go to settings, check all the options related to root directory, click ok, then go up to the root directory then touch n hold the directory till a menu pops up then select properties and check permissions, select all the permissions. Then try installing CWM.

  • Devansh

    How to do this on Funbook Pro ? Please Help !

  • Akash Patel

    im getting error…”Error while restoring /system.”

    • Akash Patel

      sticks on funbook logo nothing happens after it…

    • then it might b currupted my friend..try downloading fresh one

      • Akash Patel

        i have made my own stock rom backup ..and i have made 2-3 backups

  • this rom is all dongle connect my dongle is reliance 3g model name zte mf190

  • hwy guy i had successfull recovered the original rom but it still is showing me baseband version 1.0 can u help me out……

  • there is no paste option also..

  • the company sid that my warranty is void cause, on boot the micromax LOGO is not there instead there is the default one

    • Just flash with with Original MMX ROM and then give it to another Micromax service center 🙂

  • hey part 1 link does not work

  • link 1 dead..

    • Seems that mediafire has disabled it…We will try to re-upload it.

      • mohit

        please re-upload link 1 . i m in a big mess. i need that as early as possible

        • Thank you for the patience, We were finding it difficult to get back the file and one of our friend uploaded the Part One file.
          We have updated the links.

          • mohit

            but it says that the file does not exist on deposit files

          • You can try with other upload servers provided there.

          • mohit

            okk got it . thanks

  • arjun

    cant download part1
    plz give the link for prat1

  • sajal majhi

    dont increase & decrease brightness in my funbook p300..i am using many custom rom but no solve….any solve ths problem???? plzzz help me>>>

  • saba

    Excuse me sir . Could you please help me with a thing. I’ve a prob with my funbook. Funbook switches off abruptly at 30-40% battery level . Some says that it’s a problem with the chatger. Could you please help me ?? Please !!!

  • azhagappan

    part 1 link not working

  • hey guys i have installed a clean ICS on micromax funbook….but its not showing original mi logo at start up instead of that it is showing default android logo…

    i have done it before too and i have got a flash zip file for changing it…now i’m unable to get it can anyone plz suggest me any site to get it….plz

    Thanks in advanced..

    • jayesh

      u can get it from here remove space frm link
      w w w.m e d i a f i r e.c o m/?3xk3oiz6t6eiog3

  • Jeetu Das

    link is not working bro

  • Still Photon + not worked in this rom

  • subramanian

    its says md 5 mismatch

  • yooray

    it says image file invalid. what is the problem ? please let me know!

  • Rahul Bokolia

    bro md5 mismatch

    what should I do
    plzzz help

  • Prem-funbook lover

    Thanks a lot folks… you are rocking….

    • jayesh

      ur welcome 🙂

  • jayesh

    w w w.4 s h a r e d.c o m/ r a r/k4re-IX-/M ic r o m a x_F u n b o o k_p300_F i r m w a re.html


    • jayesh

      w w w 72.z i p p y s h a r e.c o m/v/2 5 4 2 7 3 7 1/f i l e.html

      • jayesh


        f u n b o o k.g i z m o l o r d.c o m/installing-clean-android-ics-on-micromax-funbook/

  • Zuzu Abhijeet

    Thanks This worked perfectly;…..!!

  • rahul deshpande

    thank u it helped me alot cos i bricked my tab used this recovery to unbrick it thank you

  • Satinder Singh.

    thank you so much sir. i follow the steps and able ti install this rom. i am battery problem before it automatically shut down at 40% and then 50% and 4 days before at 66% and 1 day before 72% but now i install it. i hope there will be no more problem of battery sir. thank you so much sir. i will post the if battery problem still persist. kudos to the uploaders.

  • satinder singh

    soon i upload the instructions with files how to install fresh and original rom of funbook p300. it very easy and it take just little time. .

  • Anirudh

    can u people help me out but uploading CWM backup of stock rom of fun book talk

  • Arkin Bhagat

    Please Help my tablet is not connecting to PC after restore!!!!

  • Nihar Pradhan

    Excuse me but SuperUser app is for rooted users.

    • Nihar Pradhan

      Is this Micromax ROM is really original ??

  • Agam

    Does this work with funbook alpha?

  • Saif

    wi-fi not turning ON after installing this ROM.
    Can Anyone plz help???

  • Vishal Krazeyy

    it stopped at boot loader working
    after rebooting only funbook logo is shown it isnt getting switched on at all
    please give me a tip for installing stock os