[Tutorial] Installing CWM Recovery on Funbook Without Using PC

This method is for those who do not want to use a computer to flash cwm recovery or do not have access to a computer to do the same. Installing CWM Recovery on Funbook Without Using PC was never been so easy.

This Method is by akhilkapila from XDA.


Things Required:

1. Data Connection on your Tablet. (via WIFI)
2. An archieve supported file manager. Eg ES File Explorer.
3. A Usable and working mind.



1. Download the file from the link below.
2. Extract the file to the root of your internal sd card” and you will get 2 file First “Novotools_v1.0” and the Second “recovery.img.
3. Install the app Novotools_v1.0.
4. Run Novotools and you will see and option Flash Recovery
5. Click it and the recovey will be flashed onto your phone.
6. Reboot in recovery with the help of the application or the old method by Holding the Home/Options and the Power button.
7. Now you have fully functional CWM recovery.



Click Here to Download! 


Geno for Novotools v1.0
Developer of the Recovery.img
XDA community for all the information and resources.
akhilkapila for Writing the Original Tut!


This file is NOT a Flashable zip. Do Not Flash this file.

We Are Not Responsible if you harm your Tablet after using this method. If you follow the Procedure Carefully, it wont harm.

Original XDA Thread here.


  • Angshuman

    My funbook battery fully drains out just in 2hr of usage.. Plzz help… nd recently i downloaded some HD games which didnt run on it . It shwd ” Your device is incompatible to run this game/app”.. plz suggest me some compatible HD games for this device and some good apps.

    • NiharG

      Dont comment about same things in each post -_-

  • Rohit

    Where is the root in internal sd card?
    I can’t find it!

    • die2mrw007

      Root is the first page under sd card. It isnt any folder or file. Root of internal sd card means, the homepage or index page of sd card. Using filemanager, just open SD card and its the root path of your sd card.

  • Yogesh

    It worked.Nice article.

  • Pradee

    Why we need Internet. And do we need internet only first time or for each time when i go to CWM?

    • Yogesh

      Data connection is needed only to download the file, if you are not using pc to download it.
      If you have the file in sd card no need of data connection.

      • Pradee

        Whether this tool can be uninstalled and is it going to void warranty?

        • Yogesh

          “Novotools_v1.0” this application can be uninstalled ( if you wish ) after flashing the recovery, it is similar to other user apps. Since it changes the recovery there may be chances of warranty void , but if you do it correctly you will not get any problem.

  • Neeraj Kumar

    can’t install CWM!!!
    pls help me with the script part

  • Amit Sharma

    Thanks Man.. Successfully installed it without any problems.. Keep it up

  • Gorang
  • anup

    thanks i got it installed,,,
    but ES or equivalent file manager wasnt helpful as it was denied th access to extract file to root
    so i had to use terminal to do it

  • Vikas Sah

    since the new software update offered by micromax has working recovery into it. …
    it will again be necessary to install this cmw recovery???

  • Vikas Sah

    what is meant by ‘This file is NOT a Flashable zip. Do Not Flash this file’?
    I m new to these …

  • kvr

    Hey can this be done on any tablet? I want to install recovery on a tablet swipe which is not supported in rom manager

  • m using stock rom. No ext sd card. My internal memory
    is 2+2 gb. I have used previously sd card swap. But
    reverted back to 2+2 gb. So probkem is , whenever m
    making a backup….cwm shows error….no back up
    mounted. And when i backup to internal sd card cwm
    shows…backup complete. After reboot my sd card is damaged and i have to reformat it….and i lose my
    backup. Please help what should i do.

    • hari

      i have the same issue !!!

  • paramjit

    thanks a lot it worked

  • sweta

    thank u

  • nilam

    for micromex funbook p350?????

  • sid123

    can u help me to root samsung s7262….plz help i need it